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XCMS Toolkit licensing, maintenance, and support

Phillip H. Griffin sells licenses for its cryptographic messaging and communications software development product, the XCMS Toolkit.

The XCMS Toolkit implements the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) defined in the ISO 22895 standard, which extends the IETF S/MIME CMS secure electronic mail syntax defined in RFC 3852. The XCMS Toolkit supports compact, efficient binary messages and the extensible XML markup formats of CMS messages needed by today's applications. With the XCMS Toolkit, CMS secured payloads can be easily included in web services security SOAP messages.

Each toolkit license comes with free software maintenance, that includes all product enhancements and corrections, for an initial period of time. Extended software maintenance may be purchased annually. Continuous maintenance ensures access to all product improvements and technical support.

XCMS Toolkit developer and source code licenses are available. And XCMS Toolkit software support can be provided to give you access to the help you need when you need it, on the web, by electronic mail, VoIP, or by telephone. Access to support is subject to the terms of your product license and maintenance agreements.