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XML Cryptographic Message Syntax (XCMS) Applications

Phillip H. Griffin provides software services to support the development of secure, custom messaging and communications software solutions that rely on the XCMS Toolkit.

The XCMS Toolkit implements the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) defined in the ISO 22895 standard, which extends the IETF S/MIME CMS secure electronic mail syntax defined in RFC 3852. The XCMS Toolkit supports compact, efficient binary messages and the extensible XML markup formats of CMS messages needed by today's applications. With the XCMS Toolkit, CMS secured payloads can be easily included in web services security SOAP messages.

The XCMS Toolkit is 100% Java, relies on the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA), and uses modern Object Oriented design patterns so that users can:

Phillip H. Griffin can custom develop XCMS Toolkit applications for any project where robust CMS-based security is required, including those that rely on biometric information, time-stamping protocols, or web services security applications that embed binary or XML markup payloads in SOAP wrappers.

The XCMS Toolkit allows you to enhance the security of your communications and messaging applications by providing information assurance through: