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Phillip H. Griffin develops and implements international information security standards to create new product and services opportunities for his clients.

He has represented organizations with interests affected by standards defined in ISO, the International Organization for Standardization , through participation in the ISO TC68/SC2 Financial Services Security and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 IT Security Techniques committees.

He has been a member of the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO TC68, the X9 Financial Services standards committee, and participated in the X9F4 Security Applications and Protocols technical committee. He has also contributed to the development of information security standards in IETF, OASIS, IEEE and ITU-T.

Phil Griffin specializes in all aspects of standards development process management, with experience in committee management, chairing working groups and technical committees, development of expert contributions of text and syntax to the advantage of clients, and management of the editorial process to meet requirements for publication. Contact him to discuss how your company can benefit from expert standards development experience.

Phil Griffin has become experienced in all aspects of national and international standards development. At the standards committee management level, Mr. Griffin has served as Chair, Vice Chair, Convenor and Liaison Officer. At the technical committee level, he has served as Study Period Rapporteur, US Head of Delegation, standards Editor, and US delegate and technical expert.

Current activities:

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