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Software design, implementation, and more

Custom software solutions

Phillip H. Griffin Java security solutions can be custom built to meet your needs. Work-for-hire projects can be performed on a task bid or time and materials cost basis. Co-development and partnering arrangements are also possible.

Projects can include source code documentation, user and developer guides, and usage examples. Build scripts for source code compilation, documentation generation, automated testing and product distribution can also be produced. Contact me to discuss your specific needs and goals.

XCMS applications

No one knows more about creating secure XCMS Toolkit solutions. Building your application on top of the XCMS Toolkit can reduce product delivery time and improve software reliability.

By leveraging my expertise in ASN.1, security standards, XML encodings, and Cryptographic Message Syntax, you can spend more time on your project and less time worrying about technical minutia.

Contact me when it's time to discuss your next project. I can manage, develop, or co-develop your Java software project as a partner or as a provider of work-for-hire software design and development expertise.


I can perform a variety of third party services that strengthen your development efforts. This includes expert review of software license and end user agreements, source code reviews, test plan, test case and test bed development, custom syntax design, ASN.1 message debugging, and developer education and training.

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